HDMI kapall – 0,5 meter, v2.1 8K@60Hz – 64999

3.300 kr.

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Ultra High Speed HDMI™ Cable (8K@60Hz)

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HDMI™ connector male (type A) > HDMI™ connector male (type A)
The Goobay Plus Series comes in a slim, elegant metal design in Sharkskin Grey. The state-of-the-art HDMI™ cable achieves top values in terms of resolution and transmission speed and is also ideally suited even for demanding functions such as ARC, HDR and 3D content.
  • HDMI™ 2.1 cable for audio and video transmission, e.g. from the PlayStation to the TV or from the TV to the SoundBar
  • Universally suitable for many multimedia applications, e.g. projections from gaming, game consoles such as PlayStation 5 or Xbox, Fire TV, Apple TV, laptops and Blu-ray players
  • The HDMI™ cable achieves crisp UHD resolutions of up to 8K @ 60 Hz and 4K @ 120 Hz (backwards compatible)
  • Supports a max. transfer rate of up to 48 Gbit/s for uncompressed 8K videos with HDR as well as ARC (Audio Return Channel), HDCP and 3D content
  • Flexible premium cable with slim metal plugs, bend protection and colour-matched textile cable
  • The braided textile sheath of the connection cable provides a pleasant feel and is gentle on sensitive surfaces
  • The gold-plated plugs prevent corrosion and are especially durable
  • Connection, type HDMI™ connector male (type A)
  • Connection, contact material Gold-plated
  • Connection 2, type HDMI™ connector male (type A)
  • Connection, housing material Aluminium
  • Kink protection yes
  • Cable length 0,5 m
  • Inner conductor cross-section 0.254 mm²
  • Cable sheath diameter (approx.) 6.3 mm
  • Cable type round cable
  • Inner conductor material CU (copper)
  • AWG 30
  • Number of shieldings 3 x
  • Type 1, shielding foil (aluminium)
  • Type 2, shielding foil (aluminium)
  • Cable structure 19+1
  • Type 3, shielding braid (aluminium) 16x
  • Signal transmission max. transmission rate 48 Gbit/s
  • Supported video standards 4K Ultra HD 2160p (60 Hz), 10K Ultra HD (30 Hz), 4K Ultra HD 2160p (30 Hz)
  • Max. resolution 8K Ultra HD 4320p (60 Hz)
  • Goobay Version 2.1
  • Color black, silver
  • Markings CE, WEEE
  • Packaging type Retail Polybag
  • Consumption Unit 1 pc. in polybag