Hleðslutæki með 4 USB – 30W – 44953

6.560 kr.

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Hleðslutæki með 4 USB tengi út. Þú getur hlaðið 4 síma eða önnur þau tæki á sama tíma sem að nota USB hleðslu.

4-way USB charger (30W) black
multiple USB power supply for simultaneous charging of up to 4 devices
  • Sufficient connections at any time. Charges up to 4 devices simultaneously via USB-A
  • intelligent charge recognition (ID Chip Technology) controls the optimal charge current up to 3A (15W)
  • universally suitable for devices such as smartphones or tablets that are charged via USB or as a power supply unit for supplying power to devices via USB
  • compatible for many manufacturers like Apple iPhone or iPad, Samsung Galaxy series, Sony, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi
  • The integrated electronics protect against overload, overheating and short-circuit, thus providing optimum safety. load, overheating and short-circuit and thus offers the optimum safety.
  • Power supply unit with 100-240V input voltage range can also be used abroad.
  • max. performance  30 W
  • Rating details
    In: 110-240V 50/60Hz max. 1.0A AC Out: 5.0V max. 2x 3.0A (30.0W) DC Total USB1: 5.0V max. 3.0A (15.0W) DC USB2: 5.0V max. 3.0A (15.0W) DC USB3: 5.0V max. 3.0A (15.0W) DC USB3: 5.0V max. 3.0A (15.0W) DC
  • No-load power consumption  5 W
  • Device connections
  • Input current 1 A
  • Average active efficiency  85.6 %
  • Efficiency at low load (10 %)  82.9 %
  • Input, type  Euro male (Type C CEE 7/16)
  • Output, type 4 USB 2.0 male (Type A)
  • Output, voltage (DC)
  • 5 V (DC)
  • Output, max. amperage  3 A
  • Input, Voltage Range  100 – 240 (AC) V
  • General Packaging type Retail Polybag
  • Consumption Unit 1 pc. in polybag
  • Color  white
  • Material  ABS
  • Markings  CE, WEEE, Haus, Quader, Indoor use
  • Length 57 mm
  • Width  51 mm
  • Height  27 mm
  • Weight  70 g
  • Power supply Output power  30 W
  • Language Scope
  • Operation manual   en, de, fr, it, nl, da, se, pl
  • packaging de, en, fr