Led ljós fyrir 19″ rekka – DN-19 LIGHT-3

11.600 kr.

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Led ljós fyrir 19″ skáp. Með hreyfiskynjara


LED Lighting Fixture

The perfect light source for the inside of your enclosure. Can be installed horizontally or vertically via magnet stripe or screws.

  • Energy saving and cost effective
  • Maximum light power without warming phase
  • Long life time
  • Energy efficiency rating: A+
  • Two different modes: Automatic door mode (�Blocking type�) or touch mode (�Waving type�)
  • No heat production

The LED Lighting Fixture is flexible usable due to its compact design and the mounting with a magnet strip. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically inside of your 483 mm (19�) cabinet and ensures an optimized lighting via efficient LED lights, which have the maximum light power fromt the start, without warming phase. The two different modes (adjustable with a switch) offer a particularly user friendly handling.The automatic door mode will switch on the light, due to the sensor, automatically when you open the door of your 483 mm (19�) cabinet and also switch off the light when the door is being closed. Alternatively you can use the touch mode for manual use. In this case just wave in front of the sensor one time for switching on the light and a second time to switch off the light. A power adapter is included in the standard delivery content, therefore the LED Lighting Fixture is usable immediatly.

Technical details

  • Nominal input voltage: 100-240 V
  • Input frequency: 50/60 Hz 0,25A
  • Operating voltage: DC 12 V 500 mA 6W
  • Performance: 3 W
  • Control: IR sensor
  • Power adapter plug: CEE 7/16 (Type C) Europlug
  • LED DC Input connector: 3,5 mm/1,5 m Länge
  • Maximum total current draw: 250 mA @ 220-240 V
  • Lum. Flux: 223 lm
  • Color temp: 6500K LED
  • Consumption in kWh/1000 h: 0.003 kwh
  • Durability in hours: 30000
  • Elevation (above MSL) operating storage: 0-3000 m / 0-15000 m
  • Storage-/Operation temperature: -25 °C to +65 °C / -20 °C to +45 °C
  • Humidity operating storage: 0-95 % RH Non-condensing 0-95 % RH Non-condensing
  • Aluminum housing
  • Color: Black plastic & grey aluminum
  • CE & ROSH compliant
  • Start-up time until 60% of max. luminous flux has been reached: <1 sec.