4G loftnet, 4dB – OMNI-280-02

5.490 kr.

Meðal mögnun LTE SISO loftnet, 698MHZ-960MHZ, 1710MHZ-2700MHZ & 3400MHZ-3800MHZ. Mesta mögnun: 4 dBi

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360°, 4 dB 3-4G loftnet. Þetta hentar vel þar sem að er lélegt netsamband. Tengist beint í router.

  • Future-proof omni-directional wideband LTE SiSo antenna
  • Backwards compatible with 3G, 2G technologies
  • Improves mobile network subscriber’s user experience
  • Increased connectivity stability
  • Weather-proof enclosure
  • Pole, wall or magnetic mountable

The OMNI-280-02 antenna provides an innovative solution for the signal enhancement of 4G / 3G and 2G networks. It is a unique magnetic, wall- or pole-mountable, single polarised, full LTE band antenna that incorporates an ultra wideband element in a single housing. This antenna is a cost effective solution for enhancing signal reception and throughput. The OMNI-280-02 antenna increases signal reliability, ensures higher data throughput for users and provides a stable, high quality connection. This improves user experience and secures client retention. It is ideal for any application using the GSM network (LTE/HSPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS). 

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