10″ 1U patch panell, 12 porta fyrir mola. DN-91420

4.170 kr.

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Modular Patch Panel, shielded, 12-Port Blank,1U,254mm (10″) Rack Mount, black RAL 9005

Suitable for shielded and unshielded DIGITUS® Keystone Modules and Couplers

  • Robust steel housing
  • Additional cable fixation on mounting rail possible

The DIGITUS® 12 port patch panel is suitable for installation in 10 inch wall housings or cabinets and can accommodate shielded or unshielded keystone modules. The network cables can also be fixed on the rear rail using cable ties. The patch panel is made of robust, cold-rolled steel and is supplied in black (RAL 9005). In addition, the patch panel can be connected to the existing protective earth conductor (PE) using an earth cable (not included in the package content).

Technical Details

  • Patch Panel for Keystone Modules
  • Shielded
  • Suitable for 254 mm (10″) Rack Mount
  • 1U
  • Color black (RAL 9005)
  • Label window with tag

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