Unifi eftirlits myndavél, 4Mp – UVC-G4-DOME

44.850 kr.

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Ubiquiti er hér með alveg frábæra IP myndavél. Hún er með 4Mp myndupplausn og passar inn í upptökukerfið hjá Unifi.

UniFi Protect G4 Dome Camera

UniFiProtect G4 D ome Camera is a new surveillance dome camera that has received many improvements. UniFi Protect G4 Dome is a versatile camera designed for installation in video surveillance systems in offices, warehouses, residential premises, educational institutions. The compact, four-megapixel UniFi Protect G4 Dome provides clearer images than the previously available UniFi Protect G3 Dome, which was limited to a maximum resolution of Full HD (1080p).

High quality video, even in the dark

High-quality video recordings from the UniFi Protect G4 Dome are extremely detailed in daylight and low-light conditions, and every detail is clearly visible even in the dark thanks to integrated infrared LED lighting. Television frame rate makes surveillance footage comfortable to the human eye, with no stuttering or “slideshow” effect, even with a rapidly changing scene in the frame. Motion detection adds the ability to configure scenarios to automatically process events in the frame. Compared to the UniFi Protect G3, the UniFi Protect G4 dome camera image is softer but has a wider dynamic range, with much better detail in shadows.

High-quality wide-angle lens and PoE power supply

The wide angle lens with large field of view provides higher quality images than the previous model. Only one Ethernet cable is required to connect the UniFi Protect G4 Dome, 802.3af PoE power to the camera is provided along with the video stream. The camera housing has also been updated to protect the UniFi Protect G4 Dome from environmental influences, it is made of metal and is more compact than the UniFi Protect G3 Dome.

Good protection and easy handling

The vandal resistant housing of the UniFi Protect G4 Dome can withstand an impact energy of 5 joules and is splash resistant (IPx4). The microphone and speaker are installed inside the UniFi Protect G4 Dome housing. The UniFi Protect G4 Dome requires the UniFI Protect software to fully access its features, so it is recommended to use the camera in conjunction with UniFi Dream Machine Pro, UniFi Protect Network Video Recorder or UniFi Cloud Key Plus.