Tecsun útvarp með FM/MW/LW/SW, fyrir battery – PL-310

12.900 kr.

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Þetta útvarp er tilbúið fyrir móttöku á LW frá Gufuskálum og Eiðum.


Tecsun PL-310ET is a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) multi-band portable radio. It uses DSP 4734 micro-chips (from Silicon Labs in USA) to digitalize the analog MW / FM / SW broadcasting signal base through modern software technology and radio principles. It greatly improves the radio’s sensitivity, selectivity, S/N ratio and anti-interference. Compared to its predecessor, PL-310, is equipped with Easy Tuning Mode (ETM), Tecsuns own designed tuning method. ETM provides the user the possibility to auto-scan for new radio stations, without replacing stations that are already stored into the radios memory. ETM is an ideal feature for users who listen to radio broadcastings at different locations.

Frequency Range:

FM range selectable:   

64 – 108MHz

76 – 108MHz

87 – 108MHz

MW (AM) range selectable:

9kHz steps: 522 – 1620kHz

10kHz steps: 520 – 1710kHz

LW: 153- 513kHz

SW: 2300 – 21950kHz.

Tuning Methods:

Easy Tuning Mode (ETM): auto-scan for new radio stations, without replacing existing stored memories. Newly found stations will be temporarily stored into the ETM memory.

Auto Tuning Storage (ATS) for FM / MW / LW /SW

Jog dial manual Tuning

Direct keypad frequency entry

Basic Features:

Multi-functional Digital Display shows:

Signal strength

S/N ratio

Clock & Alarm (12/24 hour format)

Temperature (°C or °F)

Battery consumption

LCD display screen

500 preset memories (100 memories for each MW / FM and LW, 200 memories for SW)

Alarm by radio or “buzz”, and with the automatically alarm stopper within 1 – 90 minutes

Sleep timer (1 – 120 minutes)

FM Mono & Stereo

Light & snooze function – 5 minutes, repeated three times

Keylock function

Volume with 30 sound levels

Back stand

Earphone jack

FM & SW antenna jack

DC 5V mini-USB jack

Built-in charging system to charge Ni-MH rechargeable battery

Power supply: mini-USB 5V/250mA external adaptor (not included) / 3pcs AA size batteries (not included)

Unit size: 135 x 83 x 27 mm (L x H x W)

Original accessories: stereo earphones, protective sleeve, USB cable, and English manual


Noise Limit Sensitivity

FM < 3uV

MW < 1mV/m

LM < 10mV/m

SW < 18uV

AM IF bandwidth

1, 2, 3, 4, 6 kHz