Hleðslutæki í bíl með 2 USB tengi, 3,1 Amp – 58912

1.790 kr.

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Hleðslutæki í bíl með 2 USB tengi út. Þú getur hlaðið iPhone, Samsung, LG og fleiri síma og önnur þau tæki sem að nota USB inn fyrir hleðslu.

Þessi er með 2 úttök með samtals 3,1A þannig að hægt er að hlaða tvö tæki í einu.

  • The charger in mini format charges two devices simultaneously on the cigarette lighter
  • The charger charges devices in the cigarette lighter socket with up to 3.1A and thus supports devices in quick charge mode.
  • Due to its extremely compact design, the charging adapter almost completely disappears in the cigarette lighter and turns it into a USB socket. It can be easily removed with the fingertips.
  • Compatible with smartphones like Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, LG, Huawei, Blackberry, tablets like Apple iPad Pro / Air / Mini, Powerbank and external batteries
  • Suitable for use in cars with 12V as well as in trucks with 24V input voltage
  • An integrated protection electronics secures the connected devices and offers multiple protection against overcurrent, overload, overheating.

Technical specifications

  • Input, typeCigarette lighter male
  • Output, type  2 USB 2.0 female (Type A)
  • Output, voltage (DC)  5 V (DC)
  • Output, max. amperage  3.1 A
  • Input, Voltage Range 12/24 (DC) V
  • Number of outputs 2 ports
  • Packaging type  Retail Polybag
  • Consumption Unit 1 pc. in polybag
  • Color  black
  • Markings CE, WEEE
  • Length 44.4 mm
  • Diameter 25.2 mm
  • Weight  13.1 g

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