Gigabit Ethernet skiptir, 24 porta – RG-ES124GD

27.550 kr.

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RG-ES124GD (24 PORT Gigabit Ethernet Switch 10/100/1000Mb)

RG-ES124GD is a high-quality unmanaged gigabit switch. This fanless switch is equipped with 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports, providing high-speed, reliable and secure data transmission. The switch supports Auto / Full / Half Duplex Negotiation and Auto MDI / MDIX port switching, which allows the network equipment to automatically recognize the cross connection or direct connection. RG-ES124GD switch provides an incredibly reliable and efficient network performance, offering 48 Gbps switching capacity and 35.71 Mpps forwarding rate.
The RG-ES124GD switch meets the strict standards in PCB design and component selection. High-quality Japanese capacitor doubles the battery lifespan, offering reliable experience. Reyee Switches provide robust performance with features such as flow control and port isolation, making them a safe and secure choice. The unmanaged switch could also be visible on Ruijie Cloud APP, you just need to scan the QR code on the switch enclosure (requires at least one managed switch in the same network).

Large Buffer for Smooth CCTV Transmission


High Network Reliability

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