Blindlok með bursta fyrir 19″ rekka – GL-4000

1.480 kr.

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Blindlok fyrir 19″ rekka. Hæð 1U. Með bursta til að taka kapla bakvið.

1U cable brush management panel 44x483x11 mm, brush size 27×423 mm, color black (RAL 9005)

  • Easy installation

The Cable Brush Management Panel is getting fixed on the 483 mm (19”) profile rails. The opening is outfitted with a brush strip which prevents the damage of inserted cables which makes an optimized cable management in your 483 mm (19”) network- or server cabinet possible.

Technical Details

  • sturdy steel sheet
  • Opening with brush strip (HxW: 27×423 mm)
  • incl. fixing material
  • Model: Cabling panel
  • Material: Other
  • Suitable for 19 inch mounting: yes
  • Width: 483 mm
  • Number of height units: 1