AA Panasonic rafhlöður, Pro Power – 4 í pakka

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Panasonic Pro Power LR6 Mignon AA

Panasonic’s Pro Power battery offers premium energy for your personal appliances.

  • Premium alkaline range: developed to provide reliable and dependable power, any place any time
  • Ideal for high and medium drain appliances
  • Complete product line up
  • Long shelf life
  • Panasonic’s alkaline batteries are less harmful to the ozone layer through a reduction of Volatitle Organic Components (VOC) emitted during the production process

Alternative item description: Mignon, LR6, HR6, HR06, CEF80, RB104358, LR06, LR6, AAB4E, AM3, M, MN1500, 815, E91, LR6N, 15A, KAA, R6, R06, BA3058, U7524, UM3, V1500PX