USB 2.0 A í B snúra, 1,8m – AK-300102-018-S

510 kr.

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Save and reliable connection

USB connection cable, type A – B, M/M, 1.8m, USB 2.0 suitable, UL, bl

For connection of external USB devices (with B socket, e. g. external HDD enclosure, scanner or printer) to the USB Host (e. g. PC, Notebook or USB Hub). Datatransferrate up to 480 Mbps (High-Speed).

  • Connector 1: USB A, plug
  • Connector 2: USB B, plug
  • USB compliance: USB 2.0
  • UL certified: UL2725
  • Hoods: molded
  • Shielding: single shielding
  • AWG: 30
  • Wire material: CU
  • Connector surface: nickel-plated
  • Color cable: black
  • Color connector: black
  • Length: 1.8 m