Þráðlaus fjarstýringa framlenging – PAT435

7.900 kr.


Til að stjórna myndlykli, gervihnattamóttakara, DVD og öðrum græjum sem eru í öðru herbergi. Sendirinn er settur við sjónvarpið í notkun og móttakarinn settur við tækið sem á að stjórna. Model Pakite PAT-435.

  • Long Control Distance: Reliable(stably without delay) and up to 100m long-range wireless infrared IR reception and transmission.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with most of IR controlled devices, eg, DVD、DVR、IPTV, satellite set-top boxes, digital TV set-top boxes, PC and so on. Let your life be simple with Pakite transmitter and receiver kit.
  • Dual Band: Carrier frequency 38KHz/56KHz(manual switch on the Receiver end) Frequency 433.92MHz ±500kHz Superheterodyne.
  • Compact and Double Modes: A smaller footprint than many other kits on the market to help save space, two Power Supply Modes (USB or Battery power supply) for your choice. Note: We suggest to use USB power supply for the receiver because of the big power consumption.