MACH4000 Workgroup Switches from Hirschmann™

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The versatile routing functions and large bandwidth of the modular backbone managed switches from the Hirschmann™ MACH4000 family equip automation networks to deal with current and future network challenges, while making unscheduled downtimes a thing of the past..

  • Future-proof backbone solutions, with large bandwidths and versatile routing functions
  • Application flexibility, provided by different media modules
  • Highest level of network availability, through fast redundancy methods

Your Benefits

As well as enabling high data rates, the backbone switches in the MACH4000 family also support static and dynamic routing, unicast and multicast routing, and router redundancy. This permits reliable data packet addressing within or across networks. The switches can be equipped with different media modules. These include PoE ports for cost-effective powering of devices via the Ethernet cable, or optical interfaces for SFP transceivers that open up the whole world of fiber optic communication. Numerous redundancy methods such as HIPER Ring, MRP or Link Aggregation ensure fast reconfiguration in the event of error, thus guaranteeing smooth data communication.

MACH4000 family

These backbone switches support data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s as well as dynamic Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing. Different media modules provide maximum flexibility and fast redundancy methods, while ensuring the highest level of network availability. Þetta er sérpöntunarvara Hér er bæklingur yfir MACH4000 Hér er heimasíða framleiðanda