4G loftnet, 9-11dB – 4G-58-L700-5

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LOG, MIMO GSM, 9-11dB GSM loftnet. Þetta hentar vel þasr sem að er sérstaklega lélegt netsamband. Tengist beint í router með 5m snúrum sem fylgja með.


Antenna set P-58 L700 UNI MiMo is used for the reception of mobile operators’ signals in MiMo technology (two antennas mounted into X polarity)

The antenna set covers ultra wide frequency range from LTE 700 to LTE 2,6 GHz frequency bands.

Set is the most suitable for connecting it to Wi-Fi router or MiMo modem.

One set contain two antennas (one for upper and one for lower mounting position) with the same technical data.

Gain: 9-11 dB(i)

Nánar hér.

  • Freq. band (frequency): LTE 700 (698-790 MHz), LTE 800 (790-862 MHz), GSM 900 (880-960 MHz), DCS 1800 (1710-1880 MHz), UMTS (3G) (1920-2170 MHz), Wi-Fi (WLAN) (2401-2495 MHz) and LTE 2,6 GHz (2,5-2,7 GHz)
  • No. of elements: 58
  • Gain: 9-11 dB(i)
  • Max. VSWR:  %mylt% 1,6 : 1
  • F/B ratio: 23 dB
  • Beam width: Horizontal 54°; Vertical 46°
  • Polarization: 45°
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Max. power connection: 50 Watt
  • Antenna length: 107 cm
  • Coaxial cable: impedance 50 Ohm, cable length 5 m, »SMA« male connector on cable end
  • Mounting on mast with outside diameter: 20-50 mm
  • Minimum distance between the antennas: 66 cm
  • Optimum distance between the antennas: 96 cm

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