19" skápur 26U með glerhurð, DN-19 26U-6/6-D

104.100 kr.

Skápar fyrir tölvulagnir og fleira. Þessi er 19″, frístandandi og með pláss fyrir 26 einingar. Hann er með læstri glerhurð og hentar vel fyrir netbúnað svo sem patch panela og ethernet skipta.

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The DIGITUS® Dynamic Basic Series is made for high demand IT-Infrastructure Solutions – designed and developed on highest standard in Germany

DIGITUS 26U 19” Free Standing Network Cabinet, 1300x600x600 mm, color grey RAL 7035, with glass front door

The DIGITUS® Dynamic Basic Series is designed and produced for for the high requirements of the IT-Infrastructure.The DIGITUS Network and Server Rack Dynamic Basic Series is developed and produced for Cabling and Network components. They provide maximum optimization resulted to an optimum performance in between quality and added value. Each cabinet is designed with strength, ease of use and aesthetics in mind. Features such as 1 unit marking on the mounting profiles, easy and quick release of the door and side- and rear panels, fully adjustable front and rear profiles of the cabinet in depth makes the product extremely attractive to installers. The incredible design of the Dynamic Basic Series is rounded up with the use of a framed smoked safety glass front door fitted with a swing handle lock. Door hinging can be quickly reversed left to right. The Dynamic Basic Series is available in different heights from 22 units up to 42 units. A various size of 600 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm depth are in the portfolio of the Dynamic Basic Series. Each cabinet includes a lockable glass front door and lockable steel back- and side panels. 2 sets of adjustable mounting profiles and a cable entry at the bottom are equipped. Furthermore the roof is prepared for fan trays. A huge range of DIGITUS® accessories are available to customize the cabinet due to the needs of the end-user.

  • IP 20
  • Smoked safety glass door with steel frame with a swing handle lock
  • 1.5 mm strong sheet steel with a high loading capacity, powder coated
  • Loading capacity up to 600 kg
  • 483 mm (19″) profile rails on the front and back side, adjustable in depth
  • Roof module for ventilation unit
  • Large cable entry on the bottom with knock out panel style
  • Levelling feet, adjustable in height
  • IEC 297-2, DIN 41494/Part 7, DIN 41491/Part 1, EN 60950, VDE 0100
  • Extensive range of accessories available
  • Color: light grey, RAL 7035
  • Load capacity: 600 kg
  • Units: 26
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1300,600,600 mm